Public Address Systems

In every locality, where music or speech is to be transmitted to a larger public, a more or less extensive sound system will be employed. While for many events a small and basic set-up is absolutely sufficient, spacious venues call for the use of complex systems, which need to be accurately positioned and adjusted to each other.

For planning such systems, simulation tools like EASE are made use of, which allow the prediction of parameters like sound pressure level and speech intelligibility in the listener areas.

Once the equipment has been installed on site, the respective subsystems need to be adjusted to the room and merged to a coherent whole. This requires extensive measurements. 

In case the public address system acts as an emergency warning system, e.g. in stadiums or road tunnels, the speech intelligibility for announcements has to be verified according to the relevant regulations.

Commissioning Measurements

Acceptance Measurements of Emergency Warning Systems

Planning and Simulation of Public Address Systems


Alfred Schmitz

Anselm Goertz