Mixing Desks

Beside issues like features and ergonomics, the technical characteristics of a mixing desk are the main attributes, which decide on the qualification for a specific purpose.


Pult-01 Pult-02 Pult-03 Pult-04

Measurements can comprise:

  • Amplifier gain
  • Frequency response (magnitude and phase) incl. cut-off frequencies (-3dB)
  • Crosstalk attenuation (CTC)
  • Common-Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)
  • Noise spectrum (unweighted/weighted)
  • Maximum output voltage
  • Total dynamic (unweighted/weighted)
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) against input voltage and THD(f)
  • Distortion spectrum at 1kHz
  • Transient intermodulation distortion (DIM100)
  • Filter functions (high pass, low pass, bell and shelving filter, notch filter, etc.)
Pult-PEQ Pult-Notch Pult-Frq Pult-THDN



Anselm Goertz