Loudspeaker Measurement


Our loudspeaker measurements are performed using the approved measuring system Monkey Forest and WinMF  in our own class1 semi-anechoic chamber, which allows measuring distances up to 8m. For the acoustic measurements Class 1 microphones and amplifiers by Brüel & Kjaer are used, as well as a Robo3 front end, which make possible sampling rates up to 96kHz at a resolution of 24Bit.

For measuring directivity and balloon data a rotatable arm (ELF-System) is available, which allows measurements on loudspeakers weighing up to 100kg with a maximum diagonal dimension of 150cm.

Maximum SPL is measured with a Crown IT 12000HD amplifier providing 4500W per channel at 4 Ohm.


Simulation Data



Anselm Goertz

Michael Makarski