ABS Rapid Prototyping

Horns, waveguides, holds or small cabinets are built with a 3D ABS printer. The process is based on the FDM technology (Fused Deposition Modeling), which constructs a model with layers of a thermoplastic material. The ABS model material we use shows about 70% of the stability of the ABS used for injection molding. This allows us to manufacture even complex near-series prototypes straightforwardly derived from CAD data, and to perform acoustical or mechanical testing. Our 3D printer builds prototypes up to dimensions of 10"x10"x12". Larger parts can be assembled from several parts, which makes it possible to build even large horns with high precision. After surface finishing, ABS parts can be used to produce molds for setting up a first series production. This allows the immediate start of a preproduction series after verifying the acoustic design.


  • ABS rapid prototyping


Michael Makarski