We develop sirens for a variety of applications, ranging from tiny piezo driven devices in smoke detectors to high performance alarm sirens for police cars, fire brigade, etc..

We support your development by inspecting samples of transducers and by helping you choose the optimal solution. The development of sound wave guiding geometries is supported by BEM simulation technique, in order to optimize the radiation pattern and the efficiency of the device. Furthermore while developing the design, efficiency measurements are carried out on prototype devices. If required, we also support the serial production with follow-up measurements and by analyzing occurring problems.


  • Development
  • Sampling of loudspeaker chassis, horn drivers, piezo transducers
  • Development of optimized horns and waveguides
  • Simulation of acoustical radiation
  • ABS rapid prototyping
  • Acoustical measurements on prototypes
  • Serial measurements and analysis to support the large-volume production