Sample Inspection of Loudspeaker Chassis and Horn Drivers

During development

The selection of a suitable speaker chassis or horn driver provides the basis for a successful development of a sound system. Apart from its parameters, also the acoustic measurement results of the chassis, like harmonic distortion, maximum SPL, directivity or break-up mode characteristics, have to fulfill the specific requirements. We support our clients by searching suitable components and carry out the laboratory measurements. Our long-time experience with inspecting chassis of all sizes and types lets us help you find the most adequate components.

Qualification of components

To verify quality and endurance of loudspeaker components, stress tests with high and low temperature, salt water etc. can be carried out. When indicated, this is done according to company standards (e.g. automotive or aerospace industry), ISO standards, or others. By comparison of acoustical endurance tests on a component before and after exposure to the stress tests, durability and degradation of the device can be derived. We support you with all acoustical measurements, which are necessary to evaluate the qualification of acoustical components for high demands.

During serial production

In large-volume productions, like of smoke detectors, car alarm systems or similar products, often there is a set of minimum requirements concerning the acoustical characteristics that have to be fulfilled. By performing series measurements under laboratory conditions followed by a statistical analysis of the results, it is possible to derive the rejection rate for the large-volume production.


  • Research for loudspeaker chassis, micro loudspeakers, horn-drivers
  • Sample inspection of components
  • Qualification testing of components according to company standards and ISO standards
  • Accompanying measurements during series production


Michael Makarski