Horns and Waveguides

For the development of horns and waveguides we systematically apply numerical simulation (BEM) and optimization tools. The software we use to generate the geometries and the BEM solver have been developed in-house. To increase simulation accuracy at high frequencies, measured sound waves (3D scanning of the driver's mouth) can be combined with the BEM calculation.

Not until the acoustical performance, e.g. a particular directivity, meets the requirements, an exemplar is produced with ABS prototyping. At this stage already all the future series-production details can be added to the CAD model, like flanges, ribbing, and so on. In addition to the acoustic measurements, this allows realistic mechanical testing of the near-series prototype.


  • Development of horns, horn families, waveguides for line arrays, waveguides for dome tweeters and conical diaphragms
  • Numerical optimization of horns and waveguides
  • Measurement of horn samples and waveguides
  • Working out CAD data toward near-series state
  • ABS rapid prototyping
  • Acoustical measurements on prototypes


Michael Makarski